Left bed


After discovering interesting bottles, I got on my bike to get some exercise. I took my camera and new lens and headed out for Lake Biesdorf. It is only 15 minutes ride from where I live and the temperature was 22°C.

On arrival I found the local council had installed some seats, tables, grill areas since my last visit. I noted a pair of feet enjoying the sun! I had to look closer. I discovered a young man wearing shorts asleep upside-down on a seat.

Other ‘dozers’ occupied all other seats and likewise soaked up the sun. There was even a gang of Oldies stripped down to beach wear, eating, sipping beer and chatting. A nice way to enjoy  the sun.

I slowly cycled around the lake with stops to take photographs. I experimented with my new lens and learnt more about what it can do, and not do so well. A useful lesson for me. When looking at photographs in my computer programme, I can now clearly see which lens I had used.

Hope my readers who live in Europe also had a sunny warm day and were able to get out and about.