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St Petersburg – 3

The weather has been really pleasant this weekend in Berlin. The next few days should also be good. I wonder what it was like in St Petersburg? I often think about my time there as I wander around Berlin and return to my routine.

Now I have some more images to take with me. I recently got in touch with St. Peter von Longlegs and asked him where the photos were he had taken with his ‘smart’ phone. I got them today, put them through my Photoshop programme and here are the results.

They were taken on the Thursday afternoon of our stay. We went to the north side of the River Neva and found the famous statue of Lenin. I had to adopt a pose – of course! I took one of Peter with the statue in front of some flowers.

We later wandered around the area and found a very nice cafe. Tasty cakes and coffee. You can see that I look happy outside the cafe.

Other photos are of the famous palaces in the centre and near the river. I must return so I can visit the Hermitage.