Left bed

Close up

I can now get close up from a distance. No, that doesn’t mean body to body contact! It means I can see you in close up from a distance. How is this possible I am sure you are asking yourself. Answer: With a new camera lens. On special offer at half price!

I have just bought a Sigma Telezoom – Objektiv (this means a lens) 70-300mm/4.0-5.6 DG Macro Canon. Made in Japan.

Thanks to Silke I now know what this technical jargon means. I think we’ll have to meet again so she can show me a few tricks about how to use the lens.

It can expand to over double the length of my standard lens. My basic lens covers 18 – 55mm. Compare this to the new one at 70-300mm, and you can see that I can get up closer from a greater distance. 

Perhaps I can photograph the pork pie shop in Skipton from Silsden on my next visit.  But then I would rather go there to buy some 🙂