Left bed

Marcels Umzug

Yesterday was a very interesting day. It started as usual with my Oldie Breakfast before I left for a station on the SB Ring. I got there early and waited for Marcel who came on time. Greetings and then a short walk to the depot to pick up a small truck. It was time for Marcel’s move.

We did all the paperwork then got into my first Mercedes. No, it wasn’t a big, fat limousine but a sturdy small truck. Just the thing for Marcel’s move to his new flat. It had a diesel motor and was very slow to get from zero to second gear.

We headed for Marcel’s old flat and he guided me using an ‘App’ in his ‘chicy’ smart phone. I showed it in this blog last May when he bought it as a birthday present to himself. His ‘App’ worked very well and his instructions were timely and clear. I think he learnt a lot during preparation for his driving test.

We got to his place and started the long process of packing things into boxes etc. The main work was carrying them down the flights of steps to the van and then crawling up the steps again! No thanks. I realised I was getting a bit too old for that type of fun!

Anyway, we did it then drove to my place. There we took a large bag of his books from my cellar to the van plus his guitar. We also took the chance to have a small break. Into my diesel Mercedes again and off to to new flat. It was early ‘Rush-Hour’ so it took more time that I expected to get there. I also noted how many people drive while using mobile phones. Very dangerous and it is illegal here.

We got to his new flat in an area called Wedding. It is much closer to his university and his new flatmate is also studying the same subject there. I met him when we arrived. He was waiting to help us. His name is Andreas and he is a couple of years older than Marcel. We introduced each other and I liked him immediately.

Within a short time we had everything unpacked and in the new flat. Marcel has his own room and shares the bathroom, kitchen, dining room. An ideal flat and area for two young students. I look forward to visiting them and getting to know Andreas better.

They carried the things into the flat on the second floor. On one of the photos you can see it. It has a towel hanging on the balcony. Quickly back to the Mercedes and through the still slow moving ‘Rush-Hour’ traffic until we got back to the van hire company. There we did the final paperwork and returned the van. Quick walk to the S-B station and farewell. A good days work well done!!

We are meeting tomorrow afternoon. Then we shall go to Larissa’s palace on the outskirts of Bernau for an evening of grilling, eating, drinking. singing and playing a range of musical instruments. Yes, they are all members of my ‘Muggelsee Gang’ and it is our late summer meeting. Looking forward to it.