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Senior Citizens

Last month I flew to England and spent some time with Alan and Lynne at their home = my second home:-) In the kitchen was hanging a tea towel (used to dry dishes) with a text explaining what a Senior Citizen is.

It made me laugh and then realise how quickly some words had taken on new meanings. Here is the text for you to read and I hope it makes you smile as well. I attach  photos of my ‘Oldie Gang’ taken yesterday when we visited Potsdam.

What is a Senior Citizen?
A Senior Citizen is one who was here before; the pill, television, frozen foods, contact lenses, credit cards…….. and before men walked on the moon.
For us, “Time Sharing” meant togetherness, not holiday homes, and a “chip” meant a piece of wood. “Hardware” meant nuts and bolts, and “software” wasn’t even a word.
We got married first, then lived together, and thought cleavage was something that butchers did. A “stud” was something that fastened a collar to a shirt, and “going all the way” meant staying on a double decker to the bus depot. 
We thought that “fast food” was what you ate in Lent; a “Big Mac” was an oversized raincoat and “crumpet” we had for tea. In our day; “grass” was mown, “pot” was something you cooked in, “coke” was kept in the coal house and a “joint” was cooked on Sundays!
We are today’s SENIOR CITIZENS. A hardy bunch when you think how the world has changed!