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St Petersburg – 2

One of the problems we had was to deal with the local bus services. The Metro was no problem. Another problem was to balance the needs and demands of being at events/workshops in the university with those of being a tourist.

We found a balance but it meant we did not have time to visit the Hermitage or other famous museums and galleries. We were told that you need a week just to see the pictures in the Hermitage. The cellars contain works requiring weeks to view assuming you could get in!

Our main tourist event was on Thursday afternoon. We left the university after lunch and landed at Metro Nevsky Prospect. A walk north and we arrived at Troitsky Bridge. Some nice shots of St Peter taken there.

Walk over the bridge and take a turn to the left to get onto the bridge that takes you into the Peter and Paul Fortress. It was built on a small island in the north of the river. It is the original part of the city. Left and right of this island you will find the main palaces and government building that make up the traditional centre of the city.

After leaving the fortress, we went to Lenina Square. Yes, the statue of Lenin is still there and brings lots of tourist there to pose. I did the same but I don’t have the photos. They are still in St- Peter’s camera/smart phone. I think he has forgotten about this! We ended up in a small cafe with a very wide range of cakes and types of coffee on offer.

Here are a few photos of St Peter on our adventures that afternoon. Nice images of a very interesting city with a famous centre and well worth seeing. Now rush to your nearest tourist shop and book a flight there!