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Wakefield is the administrative centre of West Yorkshire. I am not aware that it has any other claim to fame. In an attempt to reinvent itself in the post 90s, it presented itself as a centre of regional culture. This includes the relatively new Barbara Hepworth Centre of Art.

She was an artist famous for her large sculptures a few decades ago. The newish gallery also includes works of art by other artists. One is a German and most exhibits come from the 1960s or 70s. A very interesting experience, and one I can recommend.

Alan and Lynne took me there on Friday 8 August just after I arrived in Casland. Mixed weather greeted us as we drove to the town. I liked the gallery instantly. The people greeting us and offering guidance and information were very friendly.

The exhibitions were clearly laid out and well sign-posted about their origin and what their artists wanted to represent. Some of them seemed a little dated looking at them 40/50 years later and clearly had lost their original ‘shock’ quality.

I liked Hepworth’s work and it was the first time I had seen them live. I had seen many before in newspaper reports and articles but they were even better in the original.  On the way back we hit a real torrential storm.

We had to slow down to deal with the blocked drains and collection of water forming ponds on the road. Here is my piece of ‘Kunst’ showing a car overtaking us as we slowly drove through the flood. I wonder if anyone will put my photo in a gallery in 60 years time?