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Bluebell Wood

On my return to Silsden from CasVegas, I took time to relax and just walk around the place. I met David C. who was in my class at school and I had not seen for 55 years. Cousin Barbara organised the meeting by getting his address and telling him I was coming over.

I had a really pleasant time with him over a coffee in a local cafe. This meeting took me back to other things in my pre-teenage years. One was of Bluebell Wood. It is to the west of Silsden as you walk up the hill(s) towards Kildwick.

I decided to find Bluebell Wood. My grandmother always took me there on my birthday. She died when I was 16 and was not able to take me there when I was that age so the last visit must have been with her on my 15th.

I have little detailed memory of the day. I can only remember the general and not the specific. My birthday is in early May. In England this is the period linking Spring to early Summer. At that time flowers called Bluebells spring out of the ground under trees and instead of seeing green you see only blue.

I always went to my grandmother’s house for my birthday. In the afternoon she took me by the hand and we walked slowly to Bluebell Wood. She said my birth would always be linked to this flower symbolising the arrival of Spring and a new season of life.

Later we had a special tea at her house. I always remember fine bone china tea cups, saucers, plates, silver tongues, cakes on three tier display plates filled with cream and fruits. She told me never to accept any drink which did not come with/from an appropriate glass. It is interesting that all my life I have observed this rule no matter were I have been.

I set out to find Bluebell Wood with these memories in mind. I soon discovered that all the fields leading to the wood had been sold to build new houses. Even so I continued my search. Locals told me to go a farm house on the ‘top road’ and I would find signs. I did just that and found the way to Bluebell Wood.

I found it but only a small part survives. I remembered that there was a small ravine with a steep entry way to the bottom where there was a small stream. I found this. The rest of the wood was gone. I sat and watched the small gash in the earth and thought about a very special lady. You can see her on this blog when you look at the top of the left column.

 I enjoyed discovering Bluebell Wood and revisiting the long gone walks with her.