Left bed


During the second week of my time in the UK I decided to stay in the local area.  I contacted Adele who lives in Addinghan. What a surprise! We agreed a day/time to visit. She is the ex-partner of my nephew Andrew.

I have always liked meeting/talking to her and her parents. They live not far away in Ilkley.  I arrived as arranged and was warmly greeted by both Adele and daughters Olivia and Scarlett. The latter is Andrew’s daughter.

I also met Adele’s new gentleman friend. They have known each other for more than 20 years but only recently got together. He has a military background as has Adele. He was very polite, friendly and gave a good impression, including good humour!

Then the doorbell rang and Adele’s parents arrived. It was as if we had only met a week ago. They settled in and started to talk to all of us. It was a surprise how quickly the evening went. Scarlet was clearly tired and went to bed while the rest of us continued to talk and sip another glass of G ‘n T!

Thanks Adele for your Gastfreundlichkeit and hope to see you, daughters and parents in summer 2015.