Left bed

Settling in

Yes, it’s now a week since I returned to Berlin. This time last week I was in Jüterbog celebrating a double 70th birthday. It was a happy time but I was very tired. I relaxed during the week while keeping appointments and getting back into life here.

I watched Germany play Argentina on Wednesday evening (football) and was disappointed at the result of 2:4. Went to my AWO breakfast for Oldies on Thursday, taught a lesson there and on Friday I met Kerstin and her Oldie Keep-Fit Group. They were happy to see me again and asked lots of questions about my holidays.

In the evening I went to a SPD supported Volksfest in the Orangerie der Kiezspinne in the west of the district where I live. I really enjoyed the event and took some photos. A very German evening with lots of friendly talk, grilled sausage etc, beer and wine to wash it all down, kids playing everywhere and a group.

Unfortunately very loud! We could hardly talk when they were playing – and it was not classical music! My friends moved away so we could at least hear each other speak. Even so a I pleasant event. I got a call from Oldie H and we agreed to meet Monday afternoon for coffee and cake so he can look at the photos I took during my adventures in August.

I also got a call from Angelika after she played in the Kiel Music Festival. We agreed to meet tomorrow at the Komische Oper where she is playing viola in a trio, then for a chat and catching up on news. She is planning a late birthday party next Sunday so I am sure we shall talk about that. Now you can see that I am settling back into life in Berlin.