Left bed


Just picked some white flowers from the bushes at the entrance to my flat. They brighten up the living room. Earlier I went to an exhibition of artists’ work, including that created by Maude. You may remember I visited her early summer show and posted a report and photos on my blog.

As I entered her studio, she was talking to two men. They left, we embraced each other and she excitedly told me one of the two had just bought one of her paintings. Great! I saw the rest of the exhibition before returning home.

This week has been marked by strange summer weather switching from hot and sunny to heavy storms. It was also dominated by football. I think most Germans can still hardly believe the result last Tuesday when ‘our’ team beat Brazil 1:7. Excitement is gathering for the final tomorrow evening. I expect nothing to move in Germany then!

I had some lazy moments as well, particularly in the morning when I relaxed in the sun on my balcony with a book. I finished the one Neil gave me for my birthday and returned to the modern history of Europe book. I am now on page 517 of 831. More sun please for balcony sitting and reading 🙂 Next week looks like more of the same.