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Yesterday afternoon I spent many hours in a ‘multi-kulti’ event. The alternative was to go to the centre and find the eltabb ‘Sommerfest’ in Gleisdreiecke Park. I decided our local ‘kulti’ event was more important. I think I made the right choice.

It was a multi-cultural event organised by our local SPD, the Vietnamese Association, the Kultschule, where it took place, and Lyra e.V. They are all organisations based in my local district and working for better understanding between different local communities.

It was new for my local SPD and we really enjoyed the event. It was based on families from different cultural backgrounds, particularly children. The Vietnamese Association had really taken a lot of trouble to contribute to the afternoon.

Lots of dancing and singing from the children watched by proud parents. As you can see, many had brought their cameras to record the event. They also provided a couple of stalls offering Vietnamese food cooked by enthusiastic women. I had to try some dishes. They were delicious.

I also had a lot of fun running the SPD game for children where they had to turn a roulette wheel and when it stopped on a SPD symbol they won a prize. We were ‘liberal’ with the rule and offered all the children a prize regardless of the roulette wheel. Many of them came back for another chance to win a prize, and I made sure they did :-))