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Hot and a goal

Today was hot. Yes, 32°C, blue skies and just sun. Wonderful! Unfortunately it will not last. The forecast for the next few days is for high temperatures but with storms and rain.

We are having a strange start to ‘high’ summer. Why couldn’t it have been like this recently when I had visitors?

This evening I watched Germany play France in the World Football Championship. ‘We’ won 1:0. The German team played better than I expected. German friends told me they expected a tight result. They were right.

Many German fans/families/groups are now grilling ‘Wurst’ to celebrate if they have not done so before, or even during the game. Of course, washed down with lots of cool Bier!

Here is a photo of a friend grilling Wurst from Thuringa said to produce the best in Germany. I agree with this claim!

Holidays now booked for the whole of August. Flying to three places. I shall post details later so everyone will know why there will be a ‘blog-post-silence’ in August. Enjoy the weekend wherever you are.