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July 2014 things

June was a very interesting month with strange swings in weather. I hope we shall have more sun and blue sky in July. The forecast is for a fine end to the week with temperatures over 32°C. Pity it wasn’t like that last weekend when Marcel and Ian visited. Thanks to Jan for attached photo in addition to my usual monthly monkey. I am sure it will make you smile. I did! It is called ‘Angela’s Cleavage’.

This weekend I am covered in ‘Fests’. On Saturday I have accepted an invitation to go to the AWO Sommerfest. I shall then have to make a speedy exit to get to the EVM Sommerfest. On Sunday the English teachers association holds its Sommerfest in Gleisdreieck in the centre of town. From there I shall have to gallop to the east to attend the SPD Lichtenberg Kinderfest. I shall probably explode from ‘Grilled Wurst’ at some time!

Germany is in the grip of ‘Football Fever’. It won the game against Algeria yesterday evening, but not without lots of criticism in the media. The next game on Friday at 6.00pm should be interesting. It is against France. Oh, no! I hope there will not be a repeat of antagonism between the two countries over the last two centuries!

My diary us full of the same appointments that made up June. Little new over the next four weeks. I hope to get out into the countryside and enjoy the scenery, views and life around the city before I pack my bag. Yes, I am flying to England on 1 August and returning on 15 August.

Other travel is in the planning stage on my return but more of that when I know when and what for sure. I am flying to and from Liverpool, so I am looking forward to seeing Barry and Pam again when I arrive. Fish ‘n Chips and pork pies are high on the agenda of things to taste when I am there :-))

Who has a birthday in July?  Laura B. in Yorkshire has her 18th as I write these words. Jütta will be 66 tomorrow. We are all meeting at Johanna’s at 9:30am for a long breakfast to celebrate. Looking forward to that! My Acer laptop will be all of three on the 6th. On the 24th I shall have a small party to celebrate getting my German citizenship two years ago. That is always worth celebrating. Adele will have another birthday in Yorkshire on 26 July. I plan to see her when I am in the UK.  That is it for birthdays/celebrations for the month. Have a wonderful day no matter where you are!