Left bed


This means monkeys. Here is a postcard I created this afternoon in my photoshop gang. I could not resist the mix of photos and text. In English it means, ‘Who is monkey number two? Animal greetings from Tierpark’. Well, who is it?

Ian is enjoying more of Berlin with the friends he is staying with. He is godfather to their children which is a role he likes. I’m meeting him on Sunday for a bicycle ride in the country.

We shall meet at lunchtime just after Marcel has left for Potsdam to join other students for a bicycle ride. He is joining me tomorrow afternoon for shopping, cooking, eating and watching a film of his choice. It will be nice to see him again and taste what he cooks!

PS: The number of page views to my blog now stands at 30,012. Amazing! Thanks to all for it encourages me to keep taking photos and writing 🙂