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Since my last post the weather has moved from summer to autumn. I went to a funeral last Friday. Sadly Peter from my Muggelsee Gang died after a number of operations. It was a quiet family affair full of happy memories of a remarkable person.

Fortunately I took some photos when I visited him in hospital. I never realised they would be the last taken with him. I shared them with other members of the gang.  All are happy to have them.

I had visitors over the weekend. Emily and her youngest son, Ferdinand, came to visit via Paris. They were here three years ago and it was like time had stood still when we met. They didn’t look older and were a pleasure to be with.

On Saturday I met them at their hotel and took them east towards Muggelsee and area. This included a ride on a tram from the 1920s through villages north and east of the city. All new for them. In the evening we watched the Germany – Ghana football game. It was a draw!

On Sunday I met them with Johanna and her cousin Colin over from Australia. I took them all to the German-Russian Museum. This building was an officers mess and hosted a number of military men who signed a document ending WW-2 on 8 May 1945.

We then went to a local Indian restaurant. It was their choice and better than I expected. Later we took an S-Bahn to Strausberg. They liked the journey and seeing the scenery east of Berlin. We went to my favourite cafe there. It is near to the lake/ferry. I always go there when I am in Strausberg.

They liked the atmosphere, service and coffee and cakes we sampled. The cafe is owned and run by a family who served us. The son likes to practice his English on me. A lazy train journey back to Berlin ended a very pleasant day.

On Monday we  met up in town and saw a few places before heading for Spandau to visit its Zitadelle. This is a well preserved middle age fortress. Afternoon included a tasty lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant where I discovered I had not forgotten how to handle chopsticks! Thanks Emily and Ferdinand and I look forward to your next visit!