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Bag Packing

Recently got back from my SPD-AWO breakfast with other ‘oldies’. Lots of talk about our boat tour on Tuesday under many of the bridges in Berlin. All agreed that it was a pleasant time. As we chewed through breakfast, the other topic was football.

Most of Germany is gearing up for the next big game on Saturday, but I was asked about the game this evening. Yes, at 9:00pm Berlin time, the English team takes to the turf to play Uruguay.

Given that each lost their first game it is difficult to predict which one will have to pack their bags tonight, and which one will head for the pub to celebrate!

The ones packing their bags will be the ones who failed to work as a team. On present form it looks like England will be bag packing. Having a few ‘star’ names running around does not make a team. Let’s see if I am right. Watch this space :-))

I was right!  The English team are packing their bags now because they couldn’t play like a team. On their return I suggest the trainer registers for an English course. Why? Earlier I heard him say, “I ‘ave spoke to the team during the week”. Or perhaps I can offer him some of my best German students of English to teach him how to speak English correctly!!