Left bed

We won

Good news! We won the first game in the WM football championship in Brazil.  We means the German national football team. They played against Portugal. Their captain was Ronaldo who never looked happy throughout the game.

I really enjoyed the match and watching the German team. They won 4:0. Three of the four goals were scored by Thomas Müller. I think Gerald and Jutta will be smiling for their family name is also Müller!

A good start to the week. Tomorrow I am going on a day trip with my SPD Oldies. It is a ships tour under all the bridges in Berlin. Of course there will be stops for morning coffee, lunch and afternoon coffee, or tea, with cakes!

Wednesday is a free day so I plan to relax, fall asleep in the sun while reading a book and doze into Thursday. That has my usual Oldie breakfast and a lesson. Friday sees the arrival of Emily and Ferdinand in Berlin. I shall not be able to greet them for I shall be attending a funeral.

Yes, Peter of my Muggelsee Gang died two weeks ago. It was a surprise for he had appeared to be making a good recovery from cancer and a number of operations. I shall meet Emily on Saturday and later see Germany play against Ghana in the WM. On Sunday I shall be on a bicycle tour with Johanna and Colin. And so the week ends and flows into another.