Left bed

Tierpark remembered

On Friday afternoon I met Stefan and my Photoshop Gang. We talked a lot about our visit to Tierpark the Friday before. The ‘patient’ was there and we learned she had suffered two cracked ribs in the fall. Modern treatment is to leave them and let the bones heal alone!

I reflected on the week which started with Marcel and a bicycle tour. A day later was Frau Fox and a German lesson. This time a lot of work on a text about the Dativ and Genitiv cases in German :-(( On Wednesday I had a ‘short back and sides’ then taught a lesson before going to a meeting of my local SPD.

Thursday and Friday followed as usual and I produced this postcard on Friday afternoon – with a little help from Stefan! What do you think? In the bottom left you can see me with a few others in the Photoshop Gang. I then set off to meet Lars. See next blog post!