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Worra Scorcha

I am using Private Eye language now. Actually they would have written ‘Cor, warra scorcha’ to describe hot weather. The weather has advanced into extreme since my visit to Tierpark last Friday

Yesterday reached 28°C, then moved to 32°C today and will stay the same tomorrow before moving to 35 to 37°C on Tuesday. Wow- worra scorcha! I don’t think it will get hotter in the rest of this summer. Don’t fly into Berlin on Tuesday evening. Forecast is for huge storms with lightening, thunder and big drop in temperature.

As the temperature rose, I made my way home on Friday to greet Marcel. He had cycled from his flat for an evening of cooking and relaxing. We started out with looking for a recipe. He found one for Giros Plate. It was all Greek to me!

We hit my local supermarket, bought the things we needed and headed for my kitchen. Marcel had never cooked this food before but welcomed the challenge. I left it to him. Here you can see the result and it was tastier than I thought!

Later we watched the German national football team play Armenia. They won comfortably!  I always watch their games and look forward to seeing the international games over the next four weeks in Brazil.

Yesterday, we emerged into the day about 11:00 am. We decided to have a late and lazy breakfast in my garden. Marcel liked that. After ‘brekkies’  he took me through all his study notes at the uni. I had asked him to show me what he was doing. I found it very interesting and it was the first time we had talked about his studies in such detail.

Today, I have been escaping the heat and relaxing for I have a very bad summer cold and it disturbs my sleep. I still am tired. Tomorrow I am meeting Marcel for a bicycle tour to the south of Berlin. Looking forward to that for I need exercise in spite of my bad summer cold!