Left bed


I had breakfast with Jan this morning. He flew in from Den Haag and we met in an area near Alexander Platz which has lots of cafes and restaurants. He looked very well and fit. He still trains for football so no surprise. See for yourself in the photo.

He was in town to meet friends from his school days. They meet once a year for a few days of catching up on news, grilling ‘Wurst’ over a campfire and drinking beer! I am very pleased that they still meet. This time at a lakeside north of Berlin. 

Tomorrow is ‘Herren Tag’. It is a public holiday in most of Europe – not in the UK! I’m meeting Marcel with his new bicycle and heading out to the east. This will include a Mittal-Alter-Fest, lunch by the side of a lake, more cycling and tea-time under a tree on the way back.

On Friday, I am meeting Neil for lunch. He is spending the weekend in Berlin. We met when he worked for a local book publishing company and have kept in touch ever since. He now lives in Essen with his lady, who I also worked with,  and teaches at the local university.

On Saturday, I am joining a group of ‘Oldies’ for a gentle walk around a couple of lakes in the south of Berlin. First time there and I shall take my camera. On Sunday, I have no appointments so shall doze through the day when not sitting in the sun and reading my books. The start of another month.