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Tech Museum 1

The highlight of my week was on Tuesday. I met my SPD Oldies and off we drove to the Deutsches Technikmuseum in the centre of the town. I went there many years ago, but this visit I spent more time looking around.

It is really a complex of buildings in a very nice “Museumspark”. The main corner of the complex is a very large new building which houses the sailing/boat show.  A USA plane from the 1940s sits on the roof. Strange – why?

It represents a particular technology of its time and the ‘Berlin Airlift’ of 1948. Berlin was then isolated by Soviet forces and so depended on food and other goods flown in by such planes for nearly a year.

Next to it is the old building through which you enter the complex. There is also a very nice cafe/restaurant there. I took many photos so I shall show you them in this and a second post.

This post includes a photo of the first computer. A huge machine which is now out-powered by a Smart Phone. The first bicycles from about 1760 and wagon used in Welsh mines and ran on wooden rails and one of the model ships on display.