Left bed


This week I have been very busy supporting the campaign of SPD candidates in the EU elections which takes place next Sunday. Even so I took time off to go to Jüterbog on Wednesday. It is to the south west of Berlin. I enjoyed the break and change of scenery.

I have posted reports about visits to Jüterbog before so I shan’t bore you with repeating it all. Nice to see the couple again, catch up on news, talk about health and getting older, future and holiday plans and of course, a good lunch.

How about this photo? Yes, I ate it. Mmmmmh…delicious! It is Spargel time (Asparagus) which is quite a tradition here. You eat them with a butter sauce, potatoes and small pieces of meat. Simple, but very tasty.

For my EU readers, don’t forget to vote on Sunday if you have not done so already!