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The ‘new German’ word for the English word shopping is ‘schoppen’.  The traditional word for shopping in German is ‘kaufen’ or ‘einkaufen’.

The German word for dandruff is ‘Schuppen’. The difference between them is ‘o’ or ‘u’. A Berliner can easily make one sound like the other! It is not difficult to hear, ‘I am going shopping’ as ‘I am going dandruff” Got it?

I went dandruffing this afternoon. I had a lesson until midday then went to a local shopping centre. There I checked my bank account and noted I had more money than expected so I went ‘dandruffing’

I bought a new ‘Maxwell Williams’ traditional white teapot, a ‘Hebel-Korkenzieher’, which you might know as a ‘levered corkscrew’,  and a ‘Sparschäler’ which you would probably know is a potato peeler. I also got some special discounts via my shopping credit card so that was the deciding factor.

As I bought them I told myself  they were extra birthday presents I needed. Makes spending money easier:-)