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I went to the SPD Oldie breakfast on my birthday. The same nice people who cheered and clapped when they heard it was my birthday. Nice to share the morning with them and listen to how they celebrated their birthdays.

After that I taught a lesson, helped Janos to update his blog, did some shopping and came home. Shortly after Marcel arrived and we chatted about his birthday. Then to tram line 27 and relaxed for 25 minutes until we reached Köpenick Town Hall.

We got out and marched all of two minutes to arrive at ‘Restauration zur Gardestube’, which is just round the corner. It is a traditional pub/restaurant and claims to be the oldest surviving one in Köpenick. The inside was like stepping into the 1920’s. I liked it immediately!

We settled onto part of the traditional ‘Stammtisch’ and noticed that a figure of the ‘Hauptmann von Köpenick’ was just behind us. Marcel had a drink with him as you can see! The food is very traditional and we ordered different meals with different kinds of beer.

Marcel had a plate of different kinds of meats with veg. I had a spargel, potato and schnitzel meal. Very tasty and both of us were more than happy with the service and food. We agreed that we had made the right decision to come to that restaurant and decided to come again.

We took the tram back to my place where Marcel gave me my birthday present. No, it wasn’t another iron, or even an ironing board. It was a box containing 6 wine glasses. He knew that all but one of my finest wine glasses had been broken. A very unexpected and practical present. Marcel, I shall thank you each time I use one of the glasses!

More chats, jokes and lots of laughs followed to end a perfect day. It is difficult to say why it was better, or different from other recent birthdays. I am still working on defining that!