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What would a birthday be without presents and cards? Over breakfast this morning, I opened my cards. A wonderful, almost childlike pleasure to see who had sent what. Here you can see for yourself my collection in three languages.

The one to really make you smile came from Trish and Camal. Only she could have found a card like this. The words inside read: “See, there are other things more frightening than having another birthday.” The photo is clearly a result of Photoshop cut ‘n paste. Great choice which makes me smile each time I see it.

Waiting for Marcel for this evening we are going to a pub-restaurant next to Köpenick Town Hall. I posted a report and photo earlier. His parents are now landing at Manchester Airport for a weeks holiday in the Lake District. Guests of their daughter who works there. I got very warm greetings from them.

Marcel’s birthday is two days before mine. We decided to meet this evening to celebrate together. He got some nice cards, letters and presents. Two came from himself. One was a – try saying this in one breath – Serious Eight Ball black matt 606.1 aluminium frame Shimano Deore 24 Gear bicycle. Phew, made it! Here is a photo so you can all admire it 🙂

The second was his first Smart Phone. No htc or iPhone but an Evolveo. I think I can hear you saying, ‘A what?’ It is apparently a desirable specialist brand. Made by a Czech company in the home town of my favourite beer. Its full title is: “Evolveo Strongphone Q4 Durable Waterproof Quad Core Smartphone”.

Ideal for wearing when you are swimming the Atlantic or Pacific, and you can even park your tank/Panzer on it without causing any damage. I bought myself a present. Here you can see it in all its glory. Yes, my new iron!

Its an AEG steam iron. A German brand but guess where it was made? Correct, in the PRC = China! I dropped my older non-steam iron and it went to ‘the great ex-iron in the sky graveyard’. Perhaps I should have parked my tank on it! I’m having a great day. Hope you are too!