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Mai Fest

Yesterday was the 1st May. It is a national holiday and celebrated all over Germany by lots of different activities.

They come under the general heading of ‘1 Mai Fest’. Many involve people cycling to such a Fest, and there is always ‘Grillen’!

I part cycled then took the U-Bahn to join the main one in Lichtenberg. It was/always is/ held on parkland in front of the town hall. Yesterday I was on-duty at the SPD stall there from 2.00 to 4.00pm.

A new experience for me. My local party had lots of volunteers so I took the chance to wander around and take lots of photographs. I have just sent them to the head of our local party to post to different social networks. He asked me to do that yesterday, when he saw my camera 🙂

Our event was called ‘das Mittelalter-Fest’ = a Middle Ages Festival. There were lots of stalls offering everything from Celtic Stew (!)  to archery. All the performers and stall holders were dressed in period clothes. I even met two very attractive fairies on my wandering! See for yourself.

There was a stage where performers played instruments, danced and sang. There were thousands of people and all in good spirits and humour. Nice to see so many families with young children. Of course, there was a plentiful supply of beer and charcoal grilled ‘Wurst’ and steaks – as you can see.

I really enjoyed the event. Normally I am on a bicycle tour on the 1 May, but this year my Muggelsee Gang are doing that tomorrow = 3 May. More about that in a later post.