Left bed


Here is how my gardens look at the moment. Nice to still get requests asking for more pics of where I live.

I thought you had seen it all before, but some of you like to see my bit of the world in different seasons.

The first photo is of the front to the flats. It is full of chestnut trees and at the moment they are blooming and filling the ground with petals and seeds. My main view is to the back garden. It is private and you can only enter with a key.

This is where I fall asleep on warm sunny days. I have also been known to grill on the area you can see has seats and a table plus a special area for a grill. Many bushes are also in bloom and there are a  number of these with such deep colours.

Yes,it is my favourite part of the year. I am very happy to stay in Berlin to enjoy the colours, the season and how Berliners celebrate Spring.