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On Sunday I went to the last day of the Köpenicker Weinfest. I was there last year and it is a timely reminder of entering Spring. I met some of my Muggelsee Gang. Uli, Petra, one of their daughters and her young man were there, with Falk and Elvira.

I took the tram and got out at the magnificent Rathaus/ Town Hall. Opposite is the River Dahm in all its glory just before it flows into the River Spree and continue their joint journey through Berlin. This river then flows towards Potsdam before joining the Havel which takes all the water north and empties into the North Sea.

The Weinfest spreads itself along the banks of the river in front of the Town Hall. At one end you can find amusements for children, but we stayed at the other end which is full of amusements for ‘Big’ children. These are endless booths offering a wide range of food and, of course, lots of stalls offering wine.

Most are from small family wineries in the west and south of Germany. Each offers tables and chairs to relax in as you smell, then sip their products. A far cry from Silsden and what it can offer! The prices are reasonable and so you can afford to have another one ….. and even another one!

The weather played a large part in bringing so many people out of their homes to the Weinfest. I also liked seeing so many young families there, and so many children enjoying the amusements. It appeared that many of the ‘Big’ children had a good nose for quality wine and clearly enjoyed the day.

Here are a few photos of the afternoon so you can see for yourself what a good time was had by all.
 Na, Prost!