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May 2014 Things

Considering all things, I had a good April. Of course I was disappointed at not flying to Den Haag, as I reported on this blog, but I was pleased that Jan returned safely from his work assignment. This means more than anything else.

May starts tomorrow and all of the EU countries, except the UK, will celebrate with a 1 May holiday made up of different kinds of festivals. Many are based on food and beer, but not only. Family, sport, children, and even ‘Senior’ events are on offer in many places.

Here the weather is forecast to be dry and sunny, but not as warm as today. Even if cooler, it will bring millions of people out of their homes to celebrate the traditional ‘Workers Day’ in Europe. I shall be at an SPD Info-Stand at my local Town Hall, which is hosting a Middle Ages Festival.

There will of course be lots of Wurst, Bier and events for families and children. I am looking forward to it. Later in the evening I shall be joining other SPD members to spend a couple of hours canvassing for the SPD candidate in the forthcoming Euro-Elections. Most of my May is dominated by events about the election. Should keep me off the streets!

Who has a birthday in May? Max in Berlin has his big day on the 2nd when he will be 31. Getting old now Max! A certain Marcel Mester will be all of 20 on Tuesday 6th May. I attach an image of a special toy just for him. Another very special person will be 71 on the 8th May but I am not going to reveal his name:-) Hans will be 63 on the 11th, Trish will celebrate her 62nd in Turkey on the 13th, followed by Heike in Berlin on 16th. On the 21st, Sylvia will be 58 in Brighton and my darling cousin Barbara, for whom I also write this blog, will be 69 and celebrate with her nearest and dearest in Silsden. Have a wonderful day each and everyone!