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Happy Easter

I had a very happy Easter. A mixture of sharing time with people, celebrating and having quiet periods at home. As you know, I didn’t get to Den Haag but I received a message from Jan that he got to his destination and was okay. That was the first of a series of good news.

Easter Saturday started with a solid breakfast at Johanna’s with the usual ‘Gang’. She had a guest visiting from Switzerland, although she was originally from Peru. We got on very well and had some interesting conversations. A wonderful way to start the day.

Later I went to Mathias’ 50th birthday party. It was held in a small private hotel. Excellent service and atmosphere. Mathias had clearly taken time to plan everything. He surprised all in his opening speech by announcing that he and Sylvana had secretly married a month ago. Lots of cheering and smiles!

Sunday was a quiet day. Dozing, lots of reading and I cooked. On Monday, Marcel arrived for a bicycle ride. We went down the Wühletal. It is a small river in the east of the city which flows into lake Muggelsee. It was the first time he had been on this tour.

Later I went to the Pardons’ house for a Grill Party. The bonus was that they grilled real Thüringa Rost Bratwurst! Mmmmh….my favourite 🙂  Very interesting guests from a number of countries and conversation. And so ended the holiday.