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Rubbish English -1

It appears that more English people cannot use their first language correctly. Here are some choice examples taken from interviews on BBC Radio 4. It is supposed to be the ‘flagship’ station of the English language in the UK! 

He has disability issues = why not just say he is disabled?Long term issues/looking at the issues/issue of local issues = what happened to problem?To fast track somethingShe dropped it = the speaker wants to say that she lost!To come back over that whole time frame = a women in a news interview trying to talk about a women returning to work after giving birthPeople who stay engaged = what is this person trying to say? Is it that some people get engaged for the rest of their lives and never get married?It’s kind of about/A kind of a/A sort of a /AbsolutelyOutcomes? What happened to the word result? The deep history of data collection. If so, then there must be a shallow history.They are being brought to sort of Babylon. Either they are are they are not. I looked on a map and could not find a place called ‘Sort of Babylon’. A programme to run more smoothly = another example of native speakers not knowing anything about adjectives and the comparative and superlative forms. What has been taught in English school for the last 30/40 or more years? Data present it out to a larger population = I still can’t work out what this speaker was trying to say. Do you understand it? We are kind of involved in that tension now. Either we are or we are not. What tension? Are you talking about a rubber band? In the years going forward = does this just mean the future?

Here is a Bock Wurst in potato soup for anyone who is able to read this rubbish and NOT explode!