Left bed

Still here

I’m still in Berlin. I did not go to Senftenberg. See my last post. I finally get a call about the trip on Friday to say it was cancelled. The reason being our organizer was taken ill and had to go to hospital for checks. Perhaps we shall get to Senftenberg before next winter!

I did go to Kerstin’s Keep-Fit-for-Oldies session. They all said how pleased they were to see me again. Nice to hear that. After, I went to Stefan’s Oldie-Photoshop-Gang. They were very surprised to see me. I was greeted with the obvious question, ‘Why aren’t you in Den Haag’?

We did some work combining images, text and Microsoft’s Word programme. I have this on my Acer laptop but only use it for writing letters. This time we are learning more about how to use it. Here are my two works of art.

I created them as cards. Fortunately we have good printers and thick paper/card so we can produce what looks like a greeting card. The others were surprised and pleased at my creations based on the simple theme of a flower. What do you think?