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Den Haag

I should be lifting off from an airport in Berlin and flying to Den Haag as I write these words. Clearly, I am not on the plane and lifting off! There were a number of calls to Jan and Arancha, who wanted me to visit and enjoy Spring with them.

Some of you may remember I did that a couple of years ago and posted to my blog. It was high time to repeat, so I booked a return flight. A few days ago it all seemed unsure. Jan told me he may have to fly out to another part of the globe to help resolve a problem. Given his work there is always such a risk.

It was all still unsure, so we kept to our plans. I then got confirmation yesterday that he would be moving, but to another part of the globe to assist in problem solving. We agreed that I stay in Berlin and try later, or that we meet in Berlin on his next visit.

I am of course very disappointed, but I know has to take on such work when there are problems and this can be anywhere in the world. Take care of yourself Jan, and don’t take any risks! See you later for a beer in Berlin.

It looks like I shall not be able to escape from Berlin this year!  You know my attempt in Malta failed, now Den Haag is out, and so is my planned visit to Ireland in May. I spent my ‘big’ birthday there last year and planned to return this year to see more of Dublin and surrounding area.

I recently got an e-mail from the people I know in Dublin to say they were coming to Berlin in May. I look forward to showing them around my part of the city, but I cancelled plans to fly to Dublin. Perhaps later in summer, or even in autumn. Let’s see. So this is the third ‘no-flight’ in less than six months! Perhaps I should just plan to stay in Berlin this year :-(((

Instead of enjoying the delights of Den Haag, I shall enjoy reading the latest edition of a satirical political magazine (see cover photo above). I can only compare it to Private Eye in England, but with more cartoons and sometimes really ‘black’ humour!

On Saturday I plan to go on an ‘Oldie Gang’ trip to Senftenberg south-east of Berlin (See map on the left). The call to confirm or not will come this evening. If so, it will be my first visit to the town and area. I shall post photos and share the experience with you on my blog as part of my ‘Travels in and around Berlin’. Hope you have a relaxing weekend no matter where you are.