Left bed

Kino and camera

Yes, you have guessed correctly. The film we could not see on Saturday night was, ‘ Grand Budapest Hotel’.  On Sunday, I let him sleep late for he has a part-time job which sometimes means he has to work to midnight.

Then I woke him and poured lots of hot tea down his throat before we both galloped again to the S-Bahn and travelled to Neu-Köln. This is an inner city district with a high immigrant population. It is also where the regional office of the AWO is situated.

I joined the AWO (close links to SPD) at the end of last year and so was invited to a new member ‘brunch’ last Sunday. I was allowed to bring a guest (with an appetite!) so chose Marcel. We arrived just as the event opened and had a great time.

The nice thing about a ‘Brunch’ is that you can fill your plate again, and again, and again! Marcel was hungry and so filled up with breakfast and lunch menus. There was also a friendly and happy atmosphere which made the event even nicer.

We returned home and later decided to try to see the film again. Another gallop to the S-Bahn and finally arrived at Potsdamer Platz. This time we found the early evening cinema show almost empty.

We laughed out way through ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, and thoroughly enjoyed it. See it for it really is worth the journey to the cinema!

In addition to the cinema visit, I found my old camera when I was sorting out some storage boxes. It was a big surprise to find it. Today I bought a film and put it into the camera. I shall take some photos in the next few days and re-learn how to use my old camera! I was able to put the film into the camera so that shows I have not forgotten everything.