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April 2014 Things

First day of April and the sun is shining into my kitchen. Forecast for the rest of the week is good. I even planted some tulip bulbs in my window boxes. The stalks are just peeping into the air and light. March was generally a good month. The exception being the very bad cold and cough, which I still have. Perhaps I need to doze in the sun more 🙂

Last night I went to my local SPD Annual Gathering. I really enjoyed it. Dressed up for the event, of course, as did most present. Met many people I got to know over the year, listened to the speeches, applauded those who got presents for helping others less able to help themselves, and then into the buffet room.

I sat with Angelika, who I presented in a blog post about a year ago when she gave an exhibition of her paintings, photos and designs. We were joined by others and ended up as a large, talkative group with lots of jokes, not to mention plates of food and drinks! A good evening was had by all!

April has my usual activities and groups, such as a new exhibition at the AWO. All the creation of  local disabled people with lots of fantasy- see painting on right. I am also waiting for the next phase of building in front of my flat. You can also see this on the right.

For me there are two special events in April. The first is my flight to den Haag on 10 April to spend a few days with Jan and Arancha. Looking forward to this very much, not least so that I can try the first batch of the future famous, ‘Trautmann’s Best Beer’. Also meeting Jeff to catch up on news.

Shortly after my return, I am going to celebrate business partner Mathias’ 50 birthday. He decided to celebrate in style with a party in a local hotel/restaurant. Looking forward to that and to seeing members of the family I have not seen for too long!
Who else has a birthday in April?  Horst from my Oldie-Keep-Fit-Gang will celebrate his 80th on 4th. He, his wife and assorted family members will celebrate at a resort on the North Coast. Closer to home, Uli hits 67 on the 6th, followed by wife Petra, who will celebrate being over 40 (again!) on 8th.

Moving swiftly to Australia to join Daniel who will be 35 on the 9th, then to California on the 11th to raise a glass with Dennis and family to toast his 59th. Moving onto Essen, back in Germany, fill your glasses to toast Neil for his 57th on the 13th. Lot of birthdays this month.

My nephew Henri will be all of 5 on the 18th. We can fill our glasses with orange juice for him! Next day is Mathias’ big day (see above). Moving east of Berlin we can toast Peter for his 51st on the 22nd, before ending the month back in Berlin for Birgit’s 50th on the 24th April. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all and each!