Left bed

New home

Shirley has a new home, but still in Florida. She moved last weekend. She calls it a Condo in St Augustine Shores. Here you can see her in this photo. She is on the right as you look at it. In the middle is Modesta, who lives only two blocks from Shirley’s new home. Judy, on the left, also lives nearby.

Shirley decided to leave the ‘Granny Flat’ in the house she shared with a daughter and family. They needed more room for a growing grand-daughter so they struck a deal and Shirley got the Condo. She told me it is larger than where she lived. I’m sure you will be very happy there, Shirley.

The good news is that it has a swimming pool. When I think of the lovely family house she shared I always remember the swimming pool. I posted a few shots to this blog of me enjoying it on my visit. The Condo is also next door to a golf course and club house. She used to play golf and plans to resume!  She said she would send some pics. Looking forward to seeing them.

She also gave me details of part of her family history. She belongs to the American line of the Lanier family. There is also one in Barbados and both came from France via England. Her most famous ancestor is Nicholas Lanier 1588-1666.

He started life as a composer to two French Kings then landed in England to escape attacks on the Huguenots. He quickly got work as a composer, singer, lutenist and painter including for Elisabeth I and James I. In 1626, he became the first to hold the title Master of the King’s Music. What a talent!

Shirley can link her family to his brother Clement 1590 – 1661, who married Hannah and had twelve children. Some later sailed to the English settlements on the eat coast of the US, and the rest is history. She was also related to the writer and playwright,  ‘Tennessee Williams’ 1911 – 1983. He was born Thomas Lanier Williams in Columbus, Mississippi.