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Doc’s Orders

I decided to give in and go to my doctor’s this morning. I have been fighting a bad chest cold since Monday. The final result was: Cold -1/John -0.  Last night I could hardly sleep for coughing and when I saw what I was spitting out, I decided on the Doc.

First I called the Sports Centre where I meet Kerstin and the Keep-Fit-Oldies. I left a message explaining that I would not be sweating and groaning with the rest of them. I cycled to the surgery and was pleased to find it empty. Quick registration then I was called in.

I like my doctor. He is very professional and has a good sense of humour. I never have any worries about seeing him. Not all can say that. Started with jokes about why I hadn’t seen him for so long = was he treating me too well? I asked if he needed more visits so he could buy a new car? He burst out laughing and liked that one.

Jokes over and down to business. Checks and a more serious face. I was told he had found a bad infection on one side of my throat. I had to take anti-biotics/Antibiotika. Three tablets a day for 10 days and then see him again. He also told me to stay at home over the weekend, keep warm and so not infect others.

He gave me more tablets to thin blood and reduce blood pressure. Nothing new there. So that is the current situation. Can’t say I am too happy for the forecast is for a warm weekend. Perhaps I’ll just sit in the garden in the sun, wrapped in a blanket like all old men should/do to indicate their age status!

Finally here is an image sent by one of my students from 15 years ago. Nice to make contact again. We plan to meet again so I can learn more about his photography skills.