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AA Concert

Yesterday afternoon I went to a concert featuring Amina and Alexa. They are the twin daughters of Petra and Uli. They in turn are central members of my ‘Muggelsee Gang’. A and A are in the final year of school and writing their ‘A’ Levels.

All the family has musical skills. Their elder brother is a professional musician. All are multi-talents including many language skills. What a clever family! The girls recently returned from a study year abroad. One in California and the other in Tasmania.

They were part of a group of students showing off their skills at a large church in the eastern district of Friedrichshagen. It is one of my favourite bits of the city. You can find it just above Berlin’s largest lake called Muggelsee.

I took Marcel with me because I wanted him to meet the ladies, and because he plays the flute. He enjoyed meeting them and I hope to see them play together one day. It was also nice to see other members of the Gang who turned out to support the concert. Thanks to all!