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I am a Hon. Mem. First time in my life! Twenty years ago last December, I co-founded a teacher organisation. In short it is known as ELTABB. We have a webpage and communicate over on internal service called NING.

I decided to retire from the association last December. I told the Board that it was time to let go and exactly 20 years later was a good time. I got some nice e-mails thanking me for my work and then I got this e-mail. I feel very honoured!
Hi John, How are you? I hope you are well.

As the new Chair of ELTABB, it is my pleasure to inform you that at the AGM it was unanimously decided that you should have honorary ELTABB membership for life in recognition of your services to the association! 
 Your knowledge and experience is too valuable to risk losing – besides, who would take all those wonderful pictures! Best, Dale