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As you can read from the Flyer, there will be an exhibition of my Photoshop Gang work. It is on Tuesday 25th March starting at 2:00pm. It will be in the Meeting Centre where we meet each Friday to try to learn more about Photoshop and the many things you can do with this programme.

Most of the Gang will be there, with Stefan. I don’t know what I shall be showing. My work has not been particularly good since the new semester in September 2013. Perhaps we can find a couple of ‘artistic works’. I seem to have forgotten more than I have learnt.

The exhibition opens at 2:00pm. There will be a ‘musical interlude’ from 3:00pm given by Jörn Behrsing. There will also be snacks and coffee between both events. I shall wear a white shirt and tie with a suit for the event. Perhaps there will be a local reporter to take photos and write a report for the local newspaper. It happened before. Must look my best for that!

Last Friday, I decided to revisit Karstadt to bomb it! You will/may remember that a few posts ago I reported on this giant store, which was destroyed be the Gestapo to stop the Russian Army taking  food from the store in April 1945.

I added photos of ruined walls to the original to create this work of art. Actually it was just to practice how to use certain tools in Photoshop such as cutting, reducing, changing perspective.

I still think they must have been real idiots to do this rather than give the food to the hungry German population of the city.