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March 2014 Things

March started here with sun and blue skies. Buds are appearing on trees and flowers are peeping out of the soil. Some of my Oldies say that winter is not over and we could still have snow and ice. Perhaps so, but I prefer to stay with the idea that Winter is leaving and Spring is on the way.

Last month was a busy one, but interesting. I have covered the main points in my recent blog posts. This afternoon I am going to the Philharmonie to listen to an amateur orchestra play Mahler’s 5th Symphony. I support them because they give any profits to buy instruments for kids from the poorest homes, including immigrant kids. What they all have in common is musical talent.

Next week looks like those in February, but on Wednesday evening you will find me in front of my TV to cheer on the German national football team playing against Chile. Beer and crisps have been ordered! On Thursday I’m meeting Max for a meal and chat. Unfortunately Marcel can’t be there. He will have just arrived home in Hungary to take the theory part of his driving licence test.

Saturday is Frauentag and I shall be handing out red roses to ladies young and old in the name of the local SPD. I did it last year and really enjoyed seeing so many happy faces. There is another Philharmonie visit in the middle of the month for a mixed concert of music by Lalo, Ravel and de Falla.

Jeff will be in Berlin on the 19th to attend a conference. We plan to meet up in the evening. On 26th an exhibition of my Photoshop Gang’s work opens. I shall be there. The month ends with the SPD Annual Reception. I got my invitation two days ago!

Who has a birthday in March? Not many! Dr. Günter P. has his big day on 22nd, Dr. Bernd W. has his on the 28th and that is it! Happy Birthday to both and have a great time with your families.