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der Fasching

Der Fasching means carnival, or in Brazil it means Mardi Gras. It happens each year at this time. In Germany it is centered on Köln/Cologne and surrounding areas in the west of Germany.

 It has a high proportion of Catholics who observe the tradition before entering a period of fasting leading to Easter.

In Berlin and many northern parts of Germany it is either celebrated lightly, or just ignored. It involves lots of eating, drinking, dancing, singing, dressing up and generally being jolly! Werner decided to try to activate Kerstin’s Keep-Fit Oldies last Friday.

He entered the training room a few minutes late, went to his training area next to me and then put on his wig. The rest of the Oldies didn’t notice for they were too busy looking at Kerstin and following movement instructions.

Werner said nothing but slowly the others noticed he looked a little different. Then the sniggers started and questions about losing his hair. Werner is the joker in the Gang and always ready to make a comment or joke. He readily agreed to be photographed for this blog. The camera was on my mobile phone, but improved with my Photoshop programme!