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New Position

Last Wednesday evening I went to a meeting of the SPD Migration and Integration group in Lichtenberg. That is the district in Berlin where I live along with about 260,000 others!

We were founded a year ago and I was elected onto this group by my SPD local meeting. It was time for the first ever full election meeting. It was interesting to see how organised this kind of meeting was. This time it was business and less rhetoric and debate. Here is photo of me with the rest of the committee.

Surprise, surprise, Natalya our Chairperson (in the middle of the photo)  nominated me to be a member of the committee. I was later elected. A new position for me. It makes number four in different groups in the local organisation. Lots of work to do and get the message of integration and tolerance into the district.

I first started such work when I was 17 and studying in Leeds. It came about through my family. So many years later and I am still involved. On the other hand it shows just how much there is to be done and not just what we have achieved in western Europe. I shall not comment on the rest of the world here!