Left bed

Mr Piggy

Last Saturday, Marcel arrived late afternoon. I hadn’t seen him for three weeks. He looked well and was as lively as always. We caught up on news after we came back from shopping. He was happy about his new ‘student job’, but not so happy about working hours = late evening/early morning.

He had got written confirmation about starting at the Uni in early March. Here is a shot of him with said letter and looking very happy about it. He said he went to the ‘Turkish Market’ last Friday. This is held on the banks of a canal in Kreuzberg where you can get good fruit and vegetables for a very reasonable price. A lot of students shop there. Yes, price is key as always for students!

While there he found a non-food stall. Smiling at him was Mr Piggy. Here you can see it for yourself. I asked why on earth he had bought it. He looked puzzled by my question and said,” I just liked it”. I think the secret is that it keeps his ears warm!

We had supper then watched a film he had on his laptop. We just link it to my TV screen. I often nod off. This time I managed to keep awake. Next day I let him sleep until 1:00 pm. Yes, you did read that correctly. I sometimes wonder if I needed so much sleep at the weekend when I was his age. I think I did.

In the afternoon we went through the theory part of his driving licence examination. It is on his laptop but in Hungarian. He kindly translated it and we generally agreed on the answers. I was more than pleased to note that he got all the questions correct. Well done.

He then wanted to cook another Hungarian dish. I left him to it. It was delicious. Par-boiled potatoes cut into slices, add yoghurt, spices, cream and put in oven. Make a green salad. Cut chicken breast into pieces, add lots of sliced onions, garlic, herbs and spices and stick all in the oven.  Place on table and eat. Mmmmh…tasty!