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New Beer

Jan has created a new beer! I posted news and photos about his plans at the end of last year. Now the beer is ready and we can see he has a logo for his beer.

He has also designed labels for beer bottles and even got it on beer glasses!

I told him to open a brewery and put me down as co-owner! Interesting to see the skills that people have.

 The beer looks more like an English bitter beer than a German type pilsner beer. I’m sure Jan will soon tell me about the taste. I told him to save a bottle for me when I visit them in spring.

Change of subject: UPDATE
No news is good news. I refer to Hermann and his heart operation. His family did not call yesterday evening which means he survived the operation. I plan to visit him in hospital this weekend.

Latest is that his operation was delayed until today/Tuesday. I got a call from his family and later talked to him. The operation was successful. Now he must rest and later go to a rehabilitation centre.