Left bed

Gephotoshopt wieder!

Every time I see that word on advertisements, I cringe. I told my Photoshop Gang about it last Friday and they burst our laughing! Nice to see them again and all in good health. Lots of chat and cups of coffee/tea before we resumed work.

The week before we had worked on images of fusing old and new Berlin, with a focus on colours. We opened our work and continued where left off. Some started new work, but I bashed ahead with the old work.

I was keen to master how to mark/cut out part of a photo/image, then change its colour, rather than move onto a new task. So, I worked away at the old image and finally was able to do it without almost destroying the programme. Here is part of Berlin as you will never see it ! Do you like the sky?

Stefan told us there would be a public exhibition of our work at the end of March. I think I shall have to double up on learning more about how to use the programme, and create something of interest for Das Publikum, who wander in to look at our work – or keep dry if it is raining!