Left bed


Today I was woken by the sound of a machine. With very bleary eyes I looked out of the frozen window. I put my glasses on and things became clearer! In front of my flat is a large triangle shaped garden area with trees.

I have posted many photos of it to this blog over the years to show the Silsdeners the changing of the seasons. Now it is secured behind wire fences so that no-one can enter the area. This includes dogs and their owners. It was one of the biggest dog toilets in Berlin. I wonder where the owners are now taking their dogs?

Two weeks ago I was invited to a meeting to show tenants plans for the land. I live in a housing association and so we all legally own the association. Members of the board were there with the architect who took us through plans for the land.

Very interesting ideas. Building will last until mid-2015 to erect 76 new flats and facilities. The latter includes underground car parking for all residents, a community centre for members of the association, and two six room flats for groups of people to live together. The inner area  and trees will be kept to form a landscaped garden.

The machine arrived this morning to eat all the branches fed to it by a group of workers. This is the first stage in clearing the ground before the trees are cut down, and a very big hole dug for the garages. I have decided to take photographs and report as building takes place. Think of it as watching history taking place in front of your eyes!