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Nice surprises

Nice surprises are part of life, ritual and experiences regardless of race, language or culture. So say I! If you don’t believe me then listen to this. This morning I went to The Institute to stand in for a teacher who asked me to deputize for her because she had flu.

Nice to see ‘Dr. Pardon and the Gang’ again after a nearly six week break. Then I was given a present. I was told it was from a student called Thomas, who was in the LCCI examination class and took the exam in mid-December 2013. I was very surprised for a gift was not what I ever expected.

He left it in the office before Christmas. I opened it on my return home. A big, but very nice, surprise. It is interesting to translate into English for you Silsdeners. ‘Wörter Waschen’ means ‘Words wash’ No English speaker would say this. English speakers would reverse this structure and say, ‘Washing Words’.

The words underneath I translate as, ‘ 26 good reasons to disbelief political terms’.  It is meant to be read with your tongue in your cheek and a smile. The author is a very respected journalist, writer and commentator on all things German!

This really made my day so………….. rush out and buy a book, some flowers, a present and give it/them to someone you respect/value/like/love and watch them smile :-))  You will make their day and feel incredibly good after. Now just do it and smile!