Left bed


Don’t read anymore Alan. It’s about eating and drinking! I’ve just got back from a splendid lunch at Johanna’s. Gerald, Jutta and another nice lady were also there. It was our first ‘Treffening’ (Dinglish for meeting) in 2014.

We caught up on each others news as we munched our way through a delicious dish made from chicken breast, sliced leeks, mushrooms and a spicy cream sauce. Rice went with it as did a glass of water, and one of wine!

They wanted to know all about the bad holiday in Malta and about my health. After filling them in on that topic our conversations wandered over countless topics, with lots of jokes from Gerald. For pudding we had homemade sponge cake with apple and nut topping, served with double whipped cream for that is traditional here.

Now I am going to change to go to the ELTABB New Year Dinner at Safran restaurant which specialises in Persian dishes. I am allowed to go even though I am no longer a member. Looking forward to seeing the activists again. Tough day with all this eating and drinking :-))

PS: Found many of the missing photos. Just need time to find others and upload.